Цінуйте мистецтво, бо неначе цілющий бальзам лікує воно душевні рани, наповнює життя змістом і збагачує суспільство вищими цінностями.


Landscape (French pausage, from paus-country terrain, nature) - a genre of fine art in which the main subject stands the nature of the image. The landscape played real or imagined by the artist views the countryside, cities (under way), architectural buildings, seascapes (marina). Also serves as the background landscape, paintings, graphics, sculptures (medals, reliefs) works of other genres of art. The history of this genre is associated with the Neolithic, when primitive people portrayed the individual elements of the world in cave paintings. They were mostly schematic trees, stones, which served as an excuse for scenes of hunting and the herd, but did not create the image of a particular locality. Landscape as an independent genre emerged and took shape in the Chinese art spread to the Far East and Crete. Landscapes of Chinese artists were very poetic and inspiring. But in the culture of the European landscape for a long time served only as a subsidiary of the genre, serving as a general background for the portrait, pictures and icons. It was not until the Renaissance (13-16th century.), When artists began to build a space in the paintings based on primarily on scientific principles developed and used linear and aerial perspective. Great success in the development of the genre managed to reach the painters of the New Age (16-19th century.). It was then that the figures are beginning to appear real real beautiful views, in which the characters live and act. This genre ceases to be an afterthought and is distributed throughout the world, constantly improving, and the paintings appear whole cities, playback sometimes with topographic accuracy. A true "hero" pictures the world becomes beautiful and perfect nature, its uniqueness and the beauty with which people live in unity and harmony. Some figures of people and animals used in the composition tend to complement and animate landscape. So this genre comes to our times.

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